New Music for 2014

Featuring "Day Out of Time" and a cover of the Joss Whedon/Angie Hart-penned song "Blue" (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), the album Stolen Songs is out and available to download on iTunes,, and other internet music sites.

Stolen Songs, the new album by Neal A. Yeager

More Music

Check out the album Sparse and the EP Nine and Two Thirds.

Neal A. Yeager

  • Author, Musician, Filmmaker

    Splitting his time between L.A. and Durango, CO, Neal is a prolific writer and musician. His past works include the novel The 33rd Year, the independent film Venice Disciple and several albums of both solo material and with the band Casual Rebels. He is currently promoting the release of Stolen Songs and writing a film musical, tentatively entitled "Awake. Asleep. Awake."

News and miscellany

  • My song Tesseracts and the Rosetta Stone (inspired by the works of Carl Sagan and James Randi) is getting airplay on internet radio stations. Which is actually kind of surprising as it's not on my current album. It's on the album Sparse, but for some reason it's getting played and getting a lot of thumbs up. I'm not complaining.